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"A few months ago, I came down with a terrible skin rash on my arms and the tops of my hands. I couldn't figure out the cause and took Benadryl for about a week. One evening, after scratching myself into a near hive frenzy, I put on my Fresh Focus Co-Q10 Body Mousse. I continued with the Body Mousse again for the next few nights. I noticed an improvement almost right away. Of course, I continued to use the lotion every day and within a week, I was not itching and the rash was drastically improved. I don't know why I didn't think of this wonderful product to begin with! After having this horrible rash for over a month, it was such a relief to find a cure.....I am grateful for your company developing this wonderful product. "

Janna W. (Dallas, TX)

Kabuki Brush

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Kabuki Brush not only cute, but fun and easy to use, and it applies just the right amount of Fresh Mineral Foundation to skin for the most natural look.   
Fresh Focus Tip:  Select  the black leather-look Kabuki Travel Pouch, ideally sized to keep your Kabuki Brush in top condition when not in use or for travel.

Customer Reviews
Connie M
This brush makes it quick and easy to apply the mineral makeup foundation. It just takes a couple of brush strokes and the foundation is evenly applied.
Liz W. of Shoreview
This brush is wonderful for quick and flawless application of the mineral makeup foundation.
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