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"A few months ago, I came down with a terrible skin rash on my arms and the tops of my hands. I couldn't figure out the cause and took Benadryl for about a week. One evening, after scratching myself into a near hive frenzy, I put on my Fresh Focus Co-Q10 Body Mousse. I continued with the Body Mousse again for the next few nights. I noticed an improvement almost right away. Of course, I continued to use the lotion every day and within a week, I was not itching and the rash was drastically improved. I don't know why I didn't think of this wonderful product to begin with! After having this horrible rash for over a month, it was such a relief to find a cure.....I am grateful for your company developing this wonderful product. "

Janna W. (Dallas, TX)

Forgiveness Concealer

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Ann G. from Blaine, MN
Fresh Focus' Forgiveness Concealer is a great product! It gives just the right amount of coverage for those areas that need balancing without being irritating on sensitive skin! It's also a great value - a little goes a long way!
Tami K.
I use this product alone or with the mineral face product and love the coverage. It doesn't agitate any blemishes or cause itching. It does a great job of covering blemishes and the redness around the nose and other areas. Love this product and use it every day!!!
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