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"I need to tell you that I really love the Cucumber Cleansing Cream. It has made my face feel baby skin soft. The pores on my nose are smaller and my face no longer feels like it has an oily film on it when I get up in the morning. My face feels so clean and fresh. "

Elaine G. (St. Anthony, MN)


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"Do It All" Brush Set with Organizer Travel Case
Price: $56.00 $28.00
All the brushes you need to "do it all" in a sleek black organizer that doubles as a handy travel case.
Eyeliner Pencil
Price: $12.00 $6.00
A soft, smudgable eyeliner pencil in Black or Brown. Click "Details" below for color selection and to add to your cart.
Forgiveness Concealer
Price: $32.00 $16.00
Fresh Mineral Forgiveness Concealer is exactly that - a very forgiving concealer with an amazing ability to hide under-eye darkness, acne, redness, age spots, capillaries, scars, and freckles. Give your skin a more flawless look with "Forgiveness". For ideal results, apply with our Ultimate Concealer Brush. (0.28oz./8.0g)
Citrus-Rosemary Shampoo Bar
Fresh Herbal Shampoo Bar
Price: $6.00 $5.00
We couldn't stop ourselves from adding this lovely Shampoo Bar with it's fresh herbal scent to our family of products.  Gentle yet thorough cleansing for all hair types with a natural blend of humectants and emollients that moisturize the hair shaft and scalp.
Fresh Mineral Blush
Price: $32.00 $8.00
Fresh Mineral Blush in shades of "Dawn" and "Dusk" provide beautiful blushing color in two natural shades that compliment most everyone. (0.10 oz./3.0 g) Click "Details" below for color selection and to add to your cart.
Fresh Mineral Eye Shadow
Price: Out of Stock
This superbly formulated powder eye shadow provides a satin smooth look that beautifully highlights eyes, resists creasing and lasts all day. (0.44 oz/1.25 g) Click "Details" below for color selection and to add to your cart.
Fresh Mineral Foundation
Price: $32.00 $10.00
Get a healthy, natural look with Fresh Mineral Foundation. Formulated to work with oily, dry, or sensitive skin. Mineral particles provide your skin with chemical free sunscreen.  Choose from 5 natural shades that complement most skin tones. (0.28 oz./8.0 g) Click "Details" below for color selection and to add to your cart.
Fresh Moisture Facial Cream
Price: $52.00 $48.00
Fresh Moisture Facial Cream provides skin with light-weight restorative hydration that makes skin feel great, absorbs well, and enhances smooth makeup application. Great for use under makeup, day, and night use. Now packaged in a convenient airless pump. New photo coming! (1.01 oz.)
Gentle Cleansing Cream 4 oz
Gentle Cleansing Cream
Price: $32.00 $28.00
New, Improved Formulation is more organic, more moisturizing than ever before.  Gentle Cleansing Cream is a gentle, non-drying facial cleanser specially formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin. Light refreshing scent. (4.0 fl. oz.)
Handmade Natural Soap
Handmade Natural Soap
Price: $6.00 $5.00
Hand-crafted by a talented soap artisan in refreshing scents of Citrus Mint and Rosemary Mint.   Click "Details" below for scent selection and to add to your cart. 
Kabuki Brush
Price: $32.00 $16.00
The Kabuki Brush is as fun and easy to use as it is cute, and it quickly applies just the right amount of Fresh Mineral Foundation to skin for the most natural look.
Kabuki Brush Travel Pouch
Price: $10.00 $5.00
A sleek black leather-look Kabuki Travel Pouch keeps your Kabuki Brush in top condition when not in use and for travel.
Lip Crayon
Price: $28.00 $10.00
No Red Lake dye, no petroleum products or lead worries here - our Lip Crayon has all natural ingredients, and is amazingly emollient, goes on smooth and stays put for hours. (0.11 oz./3.1g) Click "Details" below for color selection and to add to your cart.
Lip Gloss
Price: $22.00 $8.00
Fresh Focus Lip Gloss has moisturizers that will make your lips look beautiful and feel great. It goes on silky, never sticky because its made with organic safflower oil. (0.06 fl oz./2 ml) Click "Details" below for color selection and to add to your cart.
Retractable Travel Brush
Price: $12.00 $6.00
The Deluxe Retractable Travel Brush is ideal for "on the go" touch-ups and comes in a light-weight, platinum colored case that fits easily in your purse, gym or travel bag.
Rich Moisture Facial Cream
Price: $52.00 $48.00
Beautiful looking skin needs moisture, so treat your skin to Rich Moisture Facial Cream for rich moisturizing hydration day or night. A beneficial formula to improve skin softness with an uplifting ginger scent. Excellent for normal- dry or mature skin, winter use, or as a night cream. (1.25 oz.)
Skin Revitalizing Toner
Price: $16.00 $12.00
Skin Revitalizing Toner - alcohol-free with antioxidant white tea, pomegranate, and other natural ingredients to refresh your skin. Fresh, clean scent. (4 fl. oz.)
Soothing Therapy Hand Creme 4 oz.
Soothing Therapy Hand Creme
Price: $20.00 $18.00
NEW LOW EVERYDAY PRICING! This is the Best Hand Creme on the market.  Soothing relief for dry, rough, chapped skin. Effective, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. Unscented. 95% Natural / 72% Organic.
Ultimate Concealer Brush
Price: $22.00 $11.00
The Ultimate Concealer Brush is the ultimate tool for applying Forgiveness Concealer.