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"A few months ago, I came down with a terrible skin rash on my arms and the tops of my hands. I couldn't figure out the cause and took Benadryl for about a week. One evening, after scratching myself into a near hive frenzy, I put on my Fresh Focus Co-Q10 Body Mousse. I continued with the Body Mousse again for the next few nights. I noticed an improvement almost right away. Of course, I continued to use the lotion every day and within a week, I was not itching and the rash was drastically improved. I don't know why I didn't think of this wonderful product to begin with! After having this horrible rash for over a month, it was such a relief to find a cure.....I am grateful for your company developing this wonderful product. "

Janna W. (Dallas, TX)

Mineral Make-up

Make-up designed to give you a more beautiful look…..naturally.

Before and after photo of model using Fresh Focus Natural Mineral Make-up

Before and after photo of model wearing  our natural mineral make-up

Before and after shots of Anna and Serena, our two models show firsthand how Fresh Focus Make-up brought out their natural beauty.  All photos are un-retouched.

Reasons you will love Fresh Focus Make-up!

  • Creates a healthy look and beautifully hides skin imperfections.
  • Quick and easy to use- just brush it on and go.
  • Looks natural and feels fresh and light with no heavy made-up look or feel.
  • Provides natural sunscreen without chemicals.
  • Less mess - applies cleanly with a brush, no messy fingers or expensive, land-fill clogging sponges.
  • Customizable colors as skin tone changes summer to winter.
  • Optimal for all skin types including sensitive.
  • Stays put for all day performance.
  • Great value – so concentrated most customers find they don’t need to re-order for months!

Fresh Focus Mineral Make-up – designed to enhance your God-given natural beauty, whatever your age!