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"I was very satisfied with the skin care line that I was using when I was given some samples of Fresh Focus products. What I first liked about the products was the scents which were not the usual "chemical" scent. I was sceptical that the products would be so free of the usual chemicals, be effective, not spoil, and work at least as well as what I had been using. Time showed that the products worked. I ended up switching to Fresh Focus because I started having reactions to the products that I had been using for years and, as a cancer survivor, I wanted products that are more natural. I wouldn't have believed it before, but after using these products you can really tell the difference between the natural ingredients and the ones with the chemicals. The ones with all of the chemicals just don't feel very good anymore. My favorite products - the Mineral Foundation and the Co-Q10 Body Mousse."

Liz W. (Shoreview, MN)

Mineral Make-up

Make-up designed to give you a more beautiful look…..naturally.

Before and after photo of model using Fresh Focus Natural Mineral Make-up

Before and after photo of model wearing  our natural mineral make-up

Before and after shots of Anna and Serena, our two models show firsthand how Fresh Focus Make-up brought out their natural beauty.  All photos are un-retouched.

Reasons you will love Fresh Focus Make-up!

  • Creates a healthy look and beautifully hides skin imperfections.
  • Quick and easy to use- just brush it on and go.
  • Looks natural and feels fresh and light with no heavy made-up look or feel.
  • Provides natural sunscreen without chemicals.
  • Less mess - applies cleanly with a brush, no messy fingers or expensive, land-fill clogging sponges.
  • Customizable colors as skin tone changes summer to winter.
  • Optimal for all skin types including sensitive.
  • Stays put for all day performance.
  • Great value – so concentrated most customers find they don’t need to re-order for months!

Fresh Focus Mineral Make-up – designed to enhance your God-given natural beauty, whatever your age!