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"This past fall I attended a local craft show and noticed a booth featuring Fresh Focus Skin Care. I had never heard of the products, but since I try eating natural/organic food as often as I can I visited the booth. I was impressed with the information I received and purchased a few products. After trying the skin cleanser, toner and lotion for only a few days, my skin already felt and looked better than it has for a long time. The mineral concealer and foundation is wonderful, easy to use and my face looks the same before bed as when I had put it on early in the morning. Just this last week I ordered the eye cream, eye shadow and blush which I already love. I will continue adding Fresh Focus products until I have most of them!"

Roxy R. (Circle Pines, MN)

About Us - A Word from Our Hearts

We welcome and thank you for your interest in Fresh Focus.  We’re two health care professionals who have a passion for health and healthy living. After examining ingredient labels on skin care and makeup we became very concerned that so many products contained potentially harmful chemical preservatives, dyes, and artificial ingredients. Our thought was… “People need safe, natural, beneficial skin care and makeup products that promote beautiful skin and are part of a healthy lifestyle”.  So in 2006 Fresh Focus Skin Care was born from our desire to offer skin care products that are not only good, but good for you.
Our commitment to you is that we offer products that are non-toxic; never contain potentially harmful chemical preservatives, dyes, artificial ingredients or synthetic fillers. Instead, we choose organic ingredients and nature-fresh botanicals in spa-quality formulations that capture nature’s goodness. We encourage you to care well for your health and your skin with Fresh Focus.
Healthy Regards,
Jane and Shirley